The Animal Turn

S4E4: Sound Archives with Cheryl Tipp

January 17, 2022 Claudia Hirtenfelder Season 4 Episode 4
The Animal Turn
S4E4: Sound Archives with Cheryl Tipp
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In this episode Claudia talks to Cheryl Tipp about sound archives, how they are managed and the ways in which animal studies scholars might use them in trying to research animals. Together they think about why some sounds are included in national archives more than others as well as how recordings of nature and animal voices are valued. 

Date Recorded: 1 December 2021


Cheryl Tipp is the British Library’s Curator of Wildlife & Environmental Sounds. With a background in zoology and library services, Cheryl has spent the past 16 years looking after the Library’s world-renowned collection of 300,000 species and habitat recordings. She has worked extensively on projects that encourage the creative reuse of archival content, from student videogames to short films from emerging filmmakers, and has written widely on the history of wildlife sound recording. Connect with Cheryl on Twitter (@CherylTipp). 


Environment and Sound Archiveat the British Library; Grey Wolfby Tom Cosburn; Haddock by A.D. Hawkins;  Animal Language: How Animals Communicate by Julian Huxley, The Sound and Vision Blog, The Zooniverse Project; Wildlife Sound Recording Society; Seaspiracy; What a Fish Knows by Jonathan Balcombe; Recording of the Ivory Bill Woodpecker by Arthur Allen; 


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