The Animal Turn

The Animal Turn

March 27, 2021 Claudia Hirtenfelder
The Animal Turn
The Animal Turn
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Show Notes

Animals are increasingly at the forefront of research questions – not as shadows to human stories, or as beings we want to understand biologically, or for purely our benefit – but as beings who have histories, stories, and geographies of their own. PhD Candidate Claudia Hirtenfelder talks to animal studies scholars about some of the most important ideas emerging out of this recent turn.

Each season is set around a particular theme so that the ways in which these different concepts hang together (or not) become more apparent, allowing for deeper reflection and consideration not only about animals but about the broader fields in which they are now being considered. To that end, each season finishes with a Grad Review to help tie some themes together and identify potential points of divergence.


Season 1 - Animals and the Law

Season 2 - Animals and Experience

Season 3 - Animals and The Urban

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Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Ethics (A.P.P.L.E)

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